Monday, April 20, 2009

Active Qi Cultivation this Sunday

Greetings Everyone,

This is a quick update to let everyone know we are having our daylong Active Qi Cultivation class this Sunday at Five Branches University. This class is open to all who have either taken Level 1, are currently taking Level 1, or have taken Qigong from me in the past (retreats, workshops, etc.)

Course Description:
The Active Qi Cultivation course, wonderfully energizing and enriching, enables students to dive deeper into energetic cultivation for health and longevity. A complete set of practices is reviewed, deepening one's understanding of how to use Medical Qigong for self healing, as homework prescriptions to clients, and as a healing modality. Group practice, as well as the instructor's gentle presence and guiding support, create a rich atmosphere for the refinement of these subtle arts. Active Qi Cultivation is a part of the requirements for certification at Five Branches University, but can also be taken by itself.

We'll spend the day alternating between sitting, standing, and movement practices, creating a rich flow of energy and movement. The day is also an excellent opportunity to ask questions about cultivation, and the many inner transitions that occur as a result of practice.

These 8 hours can be a powerful gift to give oneself, as it sets an intention for rejuvenation, transformation, healing, and realigning with the flow of creative divine energy.

Course Details:
Date & Time: Sunday, April 26th, from 9 am - 6pm
Location: Five Branches University, San Jose campus
This is a CEU course (8 hours), and a part of the Medical Qigong Certification Program for those that are interested in that path.

Registration Information:
Register through Five Branches University. Please call Mimi Latno at 408-260-0208 x216 or email her at:

Picture: Qingchengshan, Main Temple, home of my Daoist Lineage

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Tom Leichardt, DMQ (China)