Tuesday, September 29, 2009

October Qigong Update

Greetings everyone,

My last update went out in June, at the very beginning of the summer tour with Amma. Even though I have been quiet since my return in late July, a lot of movement has been happening in my world. I've taken a lot more courses this semester towards my acupuncture license, and am also teaching a Level 1 and Level 2 qigong course at Five Branches. Life is moving along rather quickly these days, sprinkled with grace and momentum. Since this is the first update after tour (as I've been caught in the whirlwind and haven't found time to write) I'll include a few notes from the road with Amma.

In this update:
*** Notes from the Road (with Amma)
*** Calendar of Events
*** Crystal Bowls, Kirtan, and Sacred Sounds

*** Notes from the Road (with Amma)

These are thoughts I wrote down as the tour was coming to a close:

"The coming end of this tour means that each moment is filled with an extra specialness, knowing that it will all be over so soon. The mind becomes more present, as it recognizes that these moments will all slip away forever... A new life is about to begin, like the old life, only this time with new awareness. It will all be the same, and yet it will all be different, because I have changed..."

"The flowers have been thrown! The great mandala that formed around Amma is dissolving. All the intricately laid pieces, the people, are now being blown in all directions by the changing winds of time. Dissolution creates space to allow new mandalas to form, new adventures, new experiences. New arrangements with new people, and some of the old, in ever changing forms and patterns... Amma has sustained us for almost 2 months, holding the divine vibration around which this mandala formed, all of us coming together to participate in this great adventure. Now it dissolves forever like the sands swept away by Tibetan monks. Each city was a new rendition of this mandala, dissolving and reforming, dissolving and reforming. Tour is an absolute exercise in impermanence, and constant change. Now change sweeps again, and we are off to our own individual adventures, to participate in other mandalas, some out in the world, others continuing on to India, but all of us filled with a divine love that only a realized one can give... Jai Jai Ma!"

"We said goodbye to Amma at the airport, and I've just landed at the Toronto ashram for a nite, before the long flight home tomorrow. This is a great pause in between worlds, as the work of integration is about to begin. It was a bitter sweet goodbye at the airport. She sat with us for just moments, which on the inside spiraled into infinity. I can still see that look of parting in her eyes, all the sadness of the devotees reflected, and her deep compassion. Then in a moment it was all over... The Toronto ashram is really sweet and beautiful. It is a great stop over point before heading home. Amma was here just a few hours before us."

"I am getting ready to say goodbye to the Toronto ashram, all packed for the airport, and leaving shortly. This morning, tears of gratitude for all I had experienced in the last 2 months, finding that space of no mind before thought and desire arise, a space where sublime happiness dwells, usually obscured by the cares of the world... Longing to stay connected to that very source of pure joy and happiness that is uncaused, but rather is our own very true nature, that exists before all cares, thoughts, desires, and ripples in the mind arise. The lake is still, like a mirror, and all else just comes and goes like a reflection..."

*** Calendar of Events

1) Qigong and Meditation Retreat at MA Center
Sunday, October 11, 2009, 9 am - 2:30 pm
Includes "sound bath" meditation by Jaire Vieira (Anaghan)
More information:

2) Insight Meditation South Bay presents "Walking the Path"
Lead by Shaila Catherine and qigong movement by Tom Leichardt
Saturday, January 30, 2010, 9:30 am - 4:00 pm
More information:

Medical Qigong Certification: Five Branches University
Both our Level 1 and Level 2 courses for the fall semester have already begun. We plan to offer both of these courses again in the Spring trimester that begins in January 2010.

*** Crystal Bowls, Kirtan, and Sacred Sounds

Jaire Vieira (Anaghan) has been playing crystal bowls at several retreats that I've lead. Jaire is bringing the sacred sound to many people around the bay area, and has a calendar of events on his website. If any of you have enjoyed his work, you might want to visit him at: http://www.soundimmersion.com/

Also, my good friend Prajna Vieira sings and leads kirtan with her band Mukti. They just released their CD, filled with divine music, sound, and inspiration. You can check them out at: http://www.muktimusic.net/

Thanks for reading this update.

May all beings benefit from our pursuits.

Tom / Yogeshwar

Where there is Love, there is no effort.

Tom Leichardt, DMQ (China)

Photo taken at Qingchengshan (青城山), Daoist Lineage Home