Sunday, August 22, 2010

Qigong Courses/Retreats this Weekend


I am back in the SF Bay area, and this weekend (August 28th & 29th) I will teach at two separate events:

1) On Saturday, as part of the Insight Meditation South Bay day-long retreat, I will lead a qigong session, while Shaila Catherine will lead the remainder of the retreat in meditation and dharma.

2) On Sunday, as part of the medical qigong program at Five Branches University, I will teach the first 8 hours of a 32 hour course, Medical Qigong Level 1, for anyone interested in qigong for healing and as a treatment modality. I will teach the remainder of the course every other Sunday, namely Sept. 12, 26, and Oct. 10th.

Please email me for more information at:

Quick Update: It has been 5 months since I wrote this list, as during the summer I travelled with my spiritual teacher Amma, and afterwards visited family in Europe. I returned to the bay area on August 14th, and am now settling into the area at least until the end of the year. As always, the journey with Amma was beautiful and amazing in so many ways, and it is most difficult to describe in words. We started in Seattle and went through 10 cities, ending up in Toronto at the end of July. Each city felt like a lifetime of experience and insight, offering unique lessons and challenges. The European vacation felt like another lokah (realm) altogether. Now I'm looking forward to teaching again, and getting grounded in day to day life.

If time allows, I will write more about the depth of the tour experience, and the grace that comes when in Amma's presence.

For now, I'm wishing everyone a beautiful day!
Tom (Yogeshwar)

Photo above was taken in the morning at the San Ramon ashram during the tour

Where there is Love, there is no effort. 

Tom Leichardt, DMQ (China)